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Are you ready to test?




Please see fees below. Your name and certification will be proudly posted on our website for reference under the "Membership" section







A student may send a video (VHS or DVD)  or test in person once he/she has registered as a IECAS member at a scheduled seminar/camp or online through PAYPAL or by mail to receive a certification for the training they have completed. Upon passing the test, the student will receive a certificate  from the IECAS. With this method we will be able to fully validate your techniques and credentials and they will be accepted world-wide.

You may send us your video test in sections or all at once. And there are no time limits to video test...Ever!

Flat Fees:

*Video Test (All Level Instructor Certification Courses): $150.00


*Krav Maga Video Test  (Level-1 Instructor Certification): $200.00

*Krav Maga Video Test  (Level-2 Instructor & Higher Certification): $175.00  Per Test


School Chartership: $150.00 per year!
~Charter membership makes you an official IECAS Representative in your town including benefits such as; IECAS charter certification, use of our logos, 10% off all test fees, including a free Krav Maga sample DVD. This is Not a school License!

$100.00 per year!
Membership includes an IECAS member's certificate, 5% off all tests fees, & a free Krav Maga Sample DVD. This is Not a school License!

*Soke/Founder Certification
: $100.00
~You are required to provide us with a video or a manual of your system!

Certificate of Recognition by the IECAS: $100.00
~If you have a ranking under a Martial Arts Association that you have left or has closed down and you want your belt rank/credentials recognised under the IECAS, Simply email us a copy of your rankings and pay a one time fee for each belt rank/credential you want recognised!
















*Money Order/Cashiers Check (USA Checks Only)
*Make All (USA) Money Orders/Cashiers Checks Payable To:


Master Mike Omerbegovich

C/O International Elite Combat Arts Society
PO Box #724
Nuevo, California 92567